Thursday, 28 July 2011

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

Minnie Mouse Cake
We've done two Mickey Mouse cakes before but this time we got to do a Minnie Mouse cake.  Whilst making this cake I was starting to stress that it kept looking like Mickey but as soon as the eye lashes went on, it instantly looked more girl like, and once the bow was in place it completed the look.  The ears are all cake too so it's like getting three cakes in one.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Say It With Cupcakes

Cupcake collection
Here's a collection of cupcakes we've done recently.  At the top we have some cupcakes for a kids birthday party, a nice mixure of colours and sweets, a mixed box of 6 cupcakes for a thank you present, complete with our thank you card with a personal message.  And at the bottom is an assortment of cakes which were a thank you teacher present, with enough cakes for the whole class to enjoy.

Fit For a Princess

This princess castle cake made a little girl very happy and I'm rather pleased with it myself, seeing as it was my first attempt at doing a castle cake. 

The stone pattern has been done by hand, and yes that means every single line and corner has been embossed in separately, I must be mad.  It wasn't as bad as it sounds, I strangely like doing jobs like this, I get a system going and can work through it quite quickly.  I start off with the horizontal lines using a wheel tool, do the vertical lines with a blade tool marking out the bricks, then round off all the corners using a dresden tool, I do all the top left corners first, then the top see where I'm going with this.  There is a reason for this method, and it's not OCD if that's what you're thinking!  By doing all the same corners at once you don't need to keep turning the tool which means you can whizz through it quickly, especially if you have the cake on a turntable.

The turrets on this cake aren't actually edible, as they are cardboard tubes covered in fondant, with ice cream cones covered in fondant for the tops.  We used this method so that we got the best finish as we didn't want the turrets being all wonkey or topple over.  The addition of fondant round the cardboard makes them surprisingly sturdy and they're 'glued' into place using royal icing.

The cake has been sprayed with pearlised lustre spray to give it a shimmery sparkly look and there're tiny flowers and vines piped all around the bottom tier of the cake.  And there you have it, a cake fit for a princess. 

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

How do you eat yours?

Creme Egg Cake
Here's a fun cake we did at the weekend; a Cadbury Creme Egg.  It's a shame you can't get them this time of year as it would have been good to take a picture of it next to our massive version, it's a bit like Pimp That Snack

Sadly this one isn't creme egg flavoured, it's sponge cake with buttercream and jam, covered in sugarpaste icing and hand painted with food colouring, which took about 2 hours.  I even embossed the pattern that appears on the chocolate egg; you can just about see it if you look closely enough.
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