Monday, 31 October 2011

Cakes from the weekend

This Sleeping Beauty cake is all cake, she's been carved out of sponge and covered bit by bit with sugarpaste.  Each colour has been applied in separate pieces as I didn't want to have multi layers of icing, it takes a bit longer to cover a cake in this way, but it means you still only get one layer of sugarpaste, which makes eating the cake more pleasant.  Unless of course you like lots of thick icing. 

Here's a cake we did for a Colchester United fan, the badge has been made with sugarpaste and the eagle has been piped on with royal icing.  This cake turned out to be quite a whopper, without the icing on, it was already 5 inches deep, well it did need to feed  up to 30 people.

We also had an order for our popular triple chocolate cake with a box of strawberry cupcakes, and judging by the lovely comment we received, it went down very well indeed.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Art Deco cake & 90th birthday cake

The inspiration for this cake came from a mug, I don't know who the original artist is as there were no details, but I've recreated it on a cake.  This cake was commissioned by my mum for my aunt who happens to love  art deco and was thrilled with this cake. 

The whole cake was iced in black sugarpaste, then I rolled out a white piece of sugarpaste to the same size as the cake to paint the picture on.  Once painted I then cut round the painting and transferred it onto the cake.

I finished it off with some piped icing beads around the base of the cake in the same colour as her dress.

Here's a nintieth birthday cake we did at the weekend.  The nine is vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream and the zero is chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream.  It's decorated with purple flowers made out of sugarpaste and has piped beads round the base of the numbers and satin ribbon. 

We were asked to add something to stick some candles on the board, so in keeping with the design of the cake, made more flowers with extra sugarpaste underneath so they could stick the candles into those.  Good job they didn't want to put 90 candles on the cake, we would've needed a sllightly bigger board!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Jungle Theme Number One Cake

As far as numbered cakes go, a number 1 is easier to ice than most other numbers, mainly because it hasn't got a hole in the middle or too many angles to worry about.  This one has some cute animals on it too, a couple of cheeky monkeys, a lion and an elephant.  They are all made out of sugarpaste and kept quite simple in design.  The cake is finished off with some tree branches and leaves piped on with royal icing, and of course, the birthday message.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Disney's Cars Tow Mater Cake

This is Tow Mater from Disney's Cars in cake form complete with rusty paint work.  Everything on this cake is edible apart from the angled piece of crane which is a wooden dowel covered in icing.  We used strawberry laces for the cable and fixed them into place with royal icing. 

After sculpting the cake and covering it with white sugarpaste I then had to hand paint all the details on, I learned my lesson from the dinosaur cake and made sure I had an assortment of paint brushes so I could cover larger areas quickly, and I'm so glad I did.  I thought hand painting would give the best result as he's rather rusty and mottled which is easier to create with painting.

And to finish it all off the board has been covered with royal icing to make it look like he's on the road to Radiator Springs.

Ipswich Town Football Cake

This celebration cake features the logo for Ipswich Town Football Club.  I've used red and blue sugarpaste for the shapes on the logo and piped the white details on using royal icing.  It's finished off with some blue piping and striped blue ribbon. 

Using a sharp craft knife is a great way of getting clean lines when cutting out shapes from sugarpaste, it doesn't pull on the sugarpaste as much as a kitchen knife, which means it keeps it's shape better.  Also using a pizza cutter wheel is good for long strips of sugarpaste as the motion cuts down rather than drags ensuring a nice clean cut without pulling the sugarpaste out of shape.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Latest Cakes

Girly Fashion Cake
This pretty cake was for a young girl who loves fashion and we were asked to make a cake that was pink, purple and girly.  I think it ticks all the boxes.

Present Cake with Honeycomb Smash cupcakes
A present cake with icing ribbon decoration and an icing gift tag to display the birthday message.  It's surrounded with Honeycomb Smash cupcakes.
Blue & White Stripe Birthday Cake
This was a whopping 12 inch square cake and boy was it heavy!  We were just asked to do a cake in blue and white so I came up with this striped look to keep the decoration simple and suitable for a man.

Latest Cupcake Orders

Anniversary Cupcakes
This giant cupcake is surrounded by an assortment of standard cupcakes for an anniversary celebration.  The giant cupcake has been decorated with heart sprinkles and fondant roses for a touch of romance.

21st Birthday Cupcakes
A selection of vanilla cupcakes in peach, pink and lilac and decorated with fondant flowers and icing numbers. 
18th Birthday Cupcakes
Another giant cupcake with fondant numbers and sugar sprinkles and with five bespoke cupcakes each with a different theme. 
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