Monday, 11 April 2011

A bit like a big box of chocs

Left to right on the top row; lemon, triple choc, strawberry. 
Bottom row; whippy, victoria, honeycomb smash
This batch was an order for the ladies over at Dent Devils, it was a nice surprise for them that they weren't expecting, they must be doing a very good job.  They have six varieties to choose from including the newly named Victoria cupcake.  We've decided to name this cupcake after the victoria sponge cake as it has all the key ingredients; vanilla sponge, jam, and buttercream, although, technically a proper victoria sponge doesn't have buttercream, but in ours it does.

Safely nestled in the insert tray

Here they are all packed up and ready to be eaten.  We covered them with a sheet of parchment paper (as the strawberry ones are rather tall and we didn't want the lid of the box to come into contact with them), and placed a little menu on top so they know what flavours there are, just like in a box of chocolates.

All boxed up and ready for delivery
I made a little card to include the message we were asked to deliver, and attached it to the ribbon we tied the box up with.  What a nice way to show your appreciation, hope the ladies are enjoying their treat.  

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