Friday, 25 February 2011

Where's Wally Themed Cupcakes

Where's Wally Cupcakes
You don't need to look very hard to find him on these cakes.  These are vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream in red and white, topped off with a Wally head made from icing.  I hand made these heads so each one is slightly different, the head is gum paste and the rest of the details have been piped on with royal icing.

The cakes have been baked in blue cases (to represent his trousers), and I've piped the buttercream in alternating red and white stripes, just like his stripey top.  I didn't bother using any piping tubes for the buttercream as I wanted a fairly smooth finish, this sort of tube piping (often used for piping meringue) has become known as the poo pipe in our house, mainly because a nice swirly mound of tube piping resembles something else!  Not the best thing to think about when noshing on a cupcake, I'm just glad Wally doesn't have a brown top!!

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