Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Another Busy Week

Cupcakes, Computer Cake, Giant Triple Chocolate Cupcake & a Triple Chocolate Cake
I've been so busy I've not had a chance to blog about the cakes we did last week.  We had a bit of a mixture, lots of cupcakes as well as a novelty cake and a triple chocolate cake. 

The novelty cake was a 3D computer cake, there's a lot of cake inside that computer monitor and it was so heavy.  Thankfully Jay had the task of carrying it into the venue (which meant a short walk down a busy high street and up some stairs at the venue) I was the driver so got the easy part of the delivery.  The keyboard and mouse are mainly for decoration but completely edible, if you like rice krispie treats covered in fondant icing that is.  You can't really see in the picture but the keyboard has the exact amount of keys on it and all the letters, numbers and symbols, all painted on with my teeny weeny paint brush.  The screen has been printed onto rice paper using edible inks, I thought this would make it look more realistic, plus it would have taken an incredibly long time to paint all that detail!

I've been making more cake bites too, this time I made some to give as a gift.  The cake bites have been loved by everyone who's tried them so I think we'll start selling them soon.

Boxed Cake Bites
The white chocolate covered cake bites are lemon flavoured and the chocolate ones have crushed Cadbury Crunchie pieces in.  We have plans to do some other flavours too, a bit like with our cupcakes, we'll have a good choice to choose from.

We've got a couple more orders to do this week which will keep us busy.  I've already made a start on some models for one cake, and I can say I've never had to make anything quite like it before, more details on that once it's been delivered.  Making bespoke cakes is always interesting, because people want cakes that are personal to them, they're always different.

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Mandy Boyle said...

Ordered an assortment of cup cakes for my parents's 50th wedding anniversary. Cakes were delivered to the venue. We were really pleased with cakes and had many good comments from our guests.Not only did they look good but tasted fantastic.Best cupcakes I've tasted. Thank you.

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