Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Baby Shower Cake

Having a baby shower and not knowing what sex the baby is going to be meant making a baby shower cake that needed to be suitable for a boy or a girl.  So I thought I'd stick with pastel shades and use the neutral colours, yellow, green and lilac, as well as pink and blue. 

We were asked to incorporate baby themed items, naturally, and kept things simple with the design.  I thought it'd be nice to add some colour to the sides of the cake and piped coloured stripes all around the sides, making sure they were as straight as possible, it takes a steady hand and an even amount of pressure to create an even thickness. 

The cake flavour is chocolate orange, which means the whole cake was crumb coated with chocolate orange buttercream, which can be a bit worrying when it comes to covering the cake with white sugar paste.  It's best to make sure the board is clean of any buttercream and make sure the sugar paste is rolled out a little thicker to avoid any tearing, after all, you don't want a brown smudge appearing anywhere on your finished cake.

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