Monday, 5 September 2011

Betty Boop Cake

I had to do some more carving with this cake, Betty is all cake underneath the sugar paste, but we left her on a slab of cake to get more serving portions from it.  We had to cover the cake in two different coloured pieces of sugar paste too which was a new technique for us. 

Firstly we covered Betty in a pale flesh colour and cut around her so only the Betty part of the cake was covered.  Then we covered the rest of the cake with red fondant, which had to temporarily cover Betty, so plenty of icing sugar was dusted over the places we didn't want the sugar paste to stick.  Once the sugar paste had been smoothed into place we could cut around Betty and remove the red sugar paste that was covering her.  Thankfully it didn't stick or leave any red marks on 'nude' Betty.  All that was left to do was paint on the features of Betty and give her some clothes to wear, and some piped hearts and a birthday message, and a black and white polka dot ribbon around the base of the cake which fitted in nicely with the style of the cake.

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